Introduction to tooth whitening .
Whitening of teeth also known as dental bleaching is a procedure used in dentistry especially cosmetic dentistry. The procedure is performed to whiten teeth which have been colored over a period of time due to intake of colored fluids, bacterial staining, smoking and foodstuffs. Intake of certain medicines like the antibiotic tetracycline also result in the coloring of the teeth. Theshinign white nature of the teeth is due to the reflection of light on enamel a hard white substance which forms the protective outer covering of the teeth. Tooth whitening can be done in a number of ways . It can be performed either at the dentist or by self.


Posted on: July 15, 2009

Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the major complications of Diabetes Mellitus and this leads to amputation of the concerned portion in at least 85% cases. The major reason of mortality in such cases is due to the complications developed in vascular regions both major and minor. Diabetes impairs the ability of the body to grow new tissues as it prevents the flow of oxygen to the tissue.This is due to the inflammation of the wound and as such causes swelling of the region inhabiting repair.Granulation tissue formation is prevented and there is a lose in wound tensile strength in patients suffering from diabetes. The major risk factors include smoking, heavy drinking and other factors related to smoking.

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